Las Vegas Nevada-The Famed Wonderland

Las Vegas is the United States’ most famous and favorite place for many events. Geographically the city comes under the Clark County area. Las Vegas is fully surrounded with deserts and mountains. Wildlife scenes are very common around the Las Vegas city boundaries. As the city is located inside a desert, it has a typical desert climate. The city enjoys mostly days with bright sunshine and receives very little rainfall per year.

Summer season in the city approaches in June and remains until the middle of September. The Las Vegas weather ranges from 30 to 35 degrees. Summers days are very hot and humid in the city. Winters arrive for a very small period. The temperature falls up to 5 degrees in nights and in day time it reaches up to 16 degrees. Snowfall is very rare in the region and surroundings of Las Vegas.
Las Vegas is a very strong city in terms of economy. The city’s most strong source of income is basically gaming, casinos, entertainment, tourism and recreational places. Las Vegas receives thousands of tourists from all parts of the world. There are a lot of casinos and parks which have now gained the status of being some of the most visited websites and popular tourist destinations. Las Vegas also has the headquarters of two companies which are a part of fortune five hundred companies. The first one is “Harrah’s Entertainment” while the other is “MGM Mirage”.

Inside Las Vegas Nevada, the most visited area of the city is named as Las Vegas Boulevard which is commonly known as “Las Vegas Strip”. Las Vegas Strip hosts the maximum number of grand casinos and bars for people. Las Vegas is also very famous for its well furnished and quality hotels. According to some facts and figures, Las Vegas in total has over 140,000 hotel rooms in the city.
Culturally Las Vegas Nevada is a very lively city. The people of Las Vegas like to go out and spend some time with their families. Along with casinos, the city also has a number of beautiful parks that are regularly visited by the local people. Apart from the residents of Las Vegas and other outsiders, Hawaiians love to visit the city. In 2002, according to the records about 3000 people visited the city from Hawaii. In total approximately 80,000 people of Hawaii use to live in the region of Las Vegas.

Historically, there are some memorable and influential events that happened and shaped Las Vegas. They are outlined below
The Hoover Dam construction is significant. The construction of this dam took place in the year 1928. This brought thousands of people primarily workers into the area.
Gambling is legal here. It was legitimized in the state of Nevada in 1931. The downtown area of the city became entertainment centers for workers. Las Vegas was filled with speakeasies and casinos.
The opening of the El Rancho Vegas Luxury Resort proved to be very timely. In the year 1941, this resort was opened and became the world-famous “Las Vegas Strip”. After 5 years, Benjamin Seigel or Bugsy founded the Flamingo Hotel, which started the one-upmanship and building boom that continued within the next half decade. This also created a precedent of involvement in Organized Crime within the gambling industry of the state.